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Ancestral Karma - Unpacking Ancestral Inheritance


What is ancestral karma? Ancestral Karma is comprised of patterns, programs, beliefs, and actions committed to by one's ancestors, and passed down through the genetic line (via cellular memories). In addition to individual soul karma, there is also family karma (ancestral karma). Factors beyond the family include external oppression and discrimination that have taken place at a systemic level in our society and community (for example, through the workplace or education systems). Trauma has also be amplified through through various socio-economic factors. All these factors compounded with existing stressors have adversely impacted the global populations, as they activated epigenetic mechanisms that triggered illness.

Consider how these forms of ancestral karma might impact us in the present:​

  • religious programming

  • cultural programming

  • societal programming

  • relational trauma

  • poverty trauma

  • food insecurity

  • war trauma

  • environmental trauma

  • natural disasters

  • colonization

  • immigration/migration

  • disease and hereditary disorders

  • institutionalized racism

  • systemic oppression

  • addictions, habits, impulses, and desires

Honoring Our Ancestors

Ancestral healing is a process that involves addressing and healing the emotional and spiritual wounds that have been passed down through generations within a family. When our ancestors traumatic experiences, their survival mechanisms were activated. They developed behavioral patterns, belief systems, and ways of living and interacting that (at the time) felt safe. For many of our ancestors, these patterns kept them alive, functioning, in a harsh world where they had no support and very little opportunity. What happens when those very beliefs and coping mechanisms are passed down generation after generation through the unconscious parenting style and culture? The truth is, most of these belief systems were built on extreme levels of fear, dysfunction, and spiritual disconnection. Survival mechanisms are just that - tools for survival. Instead of surviving, we must work toward thriving by taking aligned action, daring to dream, and embracing the abundance of the universe. 


Transgenerational patterns are emotional and energetic imprints that drive behavior. For example, there may be a “legacy” of abuse in a genetic line - whether physical, psychological, or both. Ancestral karma may exhibit that abuse repeated from generation to generation, and while much of that certainly comes down to individual choice, it is important to consider the underlying energetic imprint of abuse. One may have had generations of persons in our family lines vibrating to them, “This is how it’s always been done. Who do you think you are? Aren’t we good enough for you? Doing something different is dangerous.”

Honoring ancestral trauma does not mean condoning it; honoring it means acknowledging it fully. It means acknowledging those who committed the action/belief/imprint, who passed it down, who bowed under the weight of the hand they were seemingly dealt, unable to choose differently. Honoring it involves forgiveness. That forgiveness must start with us, in the present, before it is extended back to ancestors. We bring it to prayer, meditation, or contemplation. We might light a candle, or hold pictures/artifacts that belonged to those ancestors. We face it and accept it for what it is. And then we offer it (and ourselves and them) forgiveness.

  • Ancestral trauma is often unconscious and one's mind may only have access to some murky second-hand stories, for example, what their mother told them about the time she was pregnant or how her childhood was. Much of the data needs to be pieced together from one's own somatic experience. This requires a depth of interoception that often comes later on in the somatic healing journey. Interoceptive depth allows one to make sense of the information that every impulse and sensation is carrying through their body: this is how one makes the unconscious conscious, by feeling the body, and the stories/messages that are held withinOnce you are feeling deeply enough into your body there needs to be both structural work on the spine and also organ healing work that facilitates the release and reintegration of somatic charge and heavy emotion. The nervous system layers that have build up survival patterns and responses need to be unravelled and released from the system, creating more space and deeper grounding. The roots need to be healed and recalibrated to go deeper into the field of the ancestry and the Earth.

  • This healing process requires one to have developed a foundation of self-compassion and self-love. This is why people often do ancestral healing work after having already been on a long personal healing journey. One must learn to release patterns of identity structures that have been passed down through generations and replace them with love instead. By doing this, one can begin to transform themselves for the better and create a healthier future for those who come after.

  • Because we carry vibrational imprints from our ancestors in our personal field, it is essential to heal these imprints which can come in many forms including subtle and unconscious belief systems. Rather than just repair and restoration an integral somatic and energetic based healing journey can invoke resolution, purpose, deeper compassion, profound existential meaning and spiritual reconnection. A rebirthing into a higher frequency field is also required. This process involves healing, releasing old patterns, beliefs, and wounds that we inherited from our ancestors that play through our nervous system and energy body, and accessing the higher consciousness and wisdom that is available to us. As we do this, we begin to open to the gifts and power that have been passed down to us through our lineage, and can use them to support our own healing and growth. This process is a powerful tool for connecting with our ancestors and reclaiming our heritage, and can help us to create a brighter future for ourselves and for future generations.

Cellular Memories
Biological memory can be defined as a sustained cellular response to a transient stimulus (to understand this phenomenon, we must consider how the properties of different biological systems achieve memory of a stimulus, essentially permitting a cell to produce a lasting response). One way that cells accomplish this task is through transcriptional states, which involve populations of molecules regulating gene expression. If the transcriptional response is bistable, a chemical state becomes defined as on or off and, given certain parameters, this state can be inherited through DNA replication and cell division. In this way, a cell can produce a lasting memory of a biological response.

Samskaras & Vasanas - Epigenetic Imprinting

Epigenetically, all of our ancestors' thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and programs are stored in our bodies, within the DNA. In the ancient language Sanskrit, the storage is called samskara. Samskaras are the subtle impressions of past actions (from ancestors and past-lives). As long as we are alive, we continuously perform actions which leave subtle impressions in the subconscious. This process is beautifully explained by the literal meaning of the word “samskara:” the prefix "sam" means "well-planned, well thought-out" and "kara" means “the action under-taken.” Thus, “samskara” means “the impression of, the impact of, the action we perform with full awareness.” In other words, it is the intention behind the action that gives power to that action.


Each time the action is repeated, the impression becomes stronger. This is how a habit is formed. The stronger the habit, the less mastery one has over their mind when we they to execute an action that is contrary to their habitual patterns. Habit patterns subtly yet powerfully motivate one's thoughts, words, and actions. When they become strong enough to alter one's thinking process, it is called “samskara.” When one's world is totally under the influence of these powerful impressions they become the determining factors of personality. When habit patterns become so ingrained that they adversely alter body chemistry, it is called "addiction."

The contents of one's mind color their perception of themselves and others. When even one's discriminatory faculty, the intellect, is colored and one spontaneously and effortlessly thinks, speaks, and acts in accordance with those colored perceptions, then the samskaras have become vasanas (literally, “color” or “coloring agent”). A vasana is an energetic-emotional signature of an experience that colors all subsequent experiences.

Healing the Persecution Imprint

Where has your expression been silenced? Every time one honors their body's expression, wisdom, speaks their truth, calls back their power, shares their voice, connects with their sensuality, they heal the persecution imprint. Persecution imprints have been stored the cellular & molecular memory of one's body, keeping them engrained in belief systems that manifest from the subconscious state of "survival".  This imprint has been passed down generation to generation, through forms of isolation, punishment, unaccepted behavior, being ostracized, public humiliation, judgment, fear of displeasing others, silence, and disempowerment. Through work with the lower chakras of the body to heal & regenerate on the cellular level, one can stabilize and re-create a healthy, solid foundation. When this imprint is healed, one opens themselves up to all forms of abundance, knowing that it is safe to be seen, heard, witnessed & to fully step into the soul's wisdom. 

Epigenetic Healing (Restructuring DNA)

Energy healing allows for restructuring of the DNA, as well as any modalities that assist in reprogramming the subconscious mind. Energy therapy works by clearing and re-coding DNA with consciousness, allowing new DNA strand fabric to be built through light and geometry, creating new holographic projections and reality stabilizations. Certain types of meditation may be implemented as well, especially Kundalini Yoga Kriyas such as Sudarshan Kriya.

Tetrahedron lattice DNA structures create heat (light) signatures (the electric scanning micrograph shows the distribution of a 3D graph of annealing energy). Annealing is heating. When you create a piece of glass for a window you anneal it, you heat it, the bonds solidify with the heating process and when it cools it trains the shape. Consciousness is the annealer in these realms, the crystals in your DNA are the window, and what is being projected is the Holographic information of light in one's DNA. This could be a thought forming itself into an intention that gives rise to these suddenly cascading lattices of stored holographic information. They start out with one seed geometry in the middle, random, chaotic and entropic. It's stored there as potential energy, but as soon as it organizes itself into bonds, it creates connected thought expressions of one's consciousness. The energy exists in various dimensions, waiting for an opportunity to have connection, just like cymatics (sound made visible). Cymatics beautifully demonstrate the deeper multidimensional connections of phasing in and out of realities, just like DNA.

When we look at the refraction pattern through a crystal, a projection occurs similar to a laser focused through a crystal. This refraction pattern reveals the structure of DNA in great detail. When one communicate with their cells' DNA blueprints, they are communicating with their soul. Their complete genome is a continuous thought expressed as cellular fractalization through dimensions, facilitating the blueprint of matter into physical experience. We are refining dimensional awareness into singularity points of presence as communication of the soul's establishing Omnipresence. The sonoluminescence of holographic projection are frequencies branching fractals throughout the space-time continuum.

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