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Rise. Reclaim. Renew.


Art of Goddess is a woman-led yogic sanctuary, which provides an empowering, safe, creative, collaborative, and loving space for yoga, artistic expression, ceremony, storytelling, and divination practice. Art of Goddess explores the Divine Feminine principle, breaking away from patriarchal constructs and traditions, decolonizing and reclaiming the feminine ancestral birthright. This practice allows women to express and embody their full creative potential, as well as learn more about the sacred arts of the feminine to empower themselves on their spiritual journey. Women heal in circles, in community spaces, following their hearts' intuition in ceremony.

Anya is a yogini, artist, metaphysicist, and global leader. She was born with her extrasensory abilities, and has extensively reinforced her gifts with a lifetime of study in various forms of scientific-esotericism, including quantum principles, metaphysics, bioenergetics, neuroscience, epigenetics, cosmology, divination, and yogic science. She honors her heritage by devoting herself to yogic practice, cultivating mindfulness and discipline in her every day life. As an advanced yogi, she has achieved full mastery of all her siddhis (in the Yogic tradition, siddhis are supernatural abilities that may be attained as a result of spiritual development with continuous practice). She walks the shamanic path, as the bridge between two worlds - the physical, and the spiritual.


Academically, Anya holds three degrees: Bachelor's of Biology (specializing in Physiology), Master's of Public Health (specializing in Global and Community Health), and Doctorate of Divinity.


Anya specializes in Mindful Leadership, Divine Feminine empowerment, Cosmology, and Hologenetics/Epigenetics (DNA Restructuring & Ancestral Therapy). Ancestral Therapy is an essential part of both the spiritual journey and intergenerational/transgenerational awareness, highlighting epigenetic cycles of trauma, healing, reclamation, and empowerment.

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Mindful Leadership Development

3D Pink Flower

Leadership Consultation sessions are ideal for leaders, CEOs, and changemakers. In today's professional realm of innovation and change, leaders must embark on a  continuous quest for effective strategies that instill a sense of purpose and inspiration within their teams. The integration of the Mindful Leadership approach offers practical tools for leaders seeking to cultivate a deeper connection with themselves and those they lead, beginning with the cultivation of presence and awareness. By adopting mindfulness practices, leaders can navigate the complexities of their roles with greater clarity, ensuring that each decision is both strategic and impactful.


Sessions may focus on past, present, and future perspectives.

Ancestral Reading (Epigenetics)

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

This service is for those who are looking to explore their ancestral roots, their ancestral traumas, their ancestral gifts, and their inner child. Ancestral/familial patterns are passed down epigenetically from generation to generation (intergenerationally). Inherited patterns may be felt by an individual even without experiencing it themselves firsthand. Ancestral work is an essential part of both the spiritual journey and intergenerational/transgenerational healing, highlighting epigenetic cycles of trauma, healing, reclamation, and empowerment in one's lifetime, as well as their familial lifetimes.  Ancestral/familial relationships are explored, highlighting relational patterns and cycles.

Learn more about Ancestral Work (Epigenetics)

Divine Feminine Mentorship


This service is for those who are looking to explore and expand their Divine Feminine gifts, intuitive abilities, and connection with the universe.


1.) Tarot/Divination

2.) Manifestation

3.) Herbalism/Rootwork

4.) Ancestral Altar Work

5.) Earth magic

6.) Meditation

7.) Energy Balancing

8.) Storytelling

Boudoir Photography by KD


Karla Petrunina is a professional boudoir photographer who has celebrated more than 250 individuals. Many of her clients report that she has helped them capture parts of themselves that they never realized they admired, and they received a new lasting confidence as a result of the photoshoots. Karla co-creates a collection of images that not only showcases unique physical beauty, but also radiates the strength and authenticity that make one who they are.


Anya's Living Art is meant to inspire, uplift, and heal the soul. Anya combines her energy healing work with her love of organic crystals: her creative process involves layering the crystals, resin, and healing frequencies to create Reiki energy-charged resin geodes. All pieces are hand-made with love on natural birch wood panels using natural, sentient, living crystals.

A crystal (crystalline solid) is a solid material whose constituents (such as atoms, molecules, or ions) are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a lattice that extends in all directions. Crystals are conscious, living things, and have been known for their multidimensional healing properties since the times of Atlantis and ancient Egypt. 

Artist Residency: Anya is a former artist-in-residence at Palette 22, the art gallery-restaurant in Shirlington, VA, and Vola's Dockside Lounge (by the Torpedo Factory Art Gallery) in Alexandria, VA.​

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