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Divine feminine awakening


Anya is an artist, Brahmana, energy therapist, shaman, and metaphysicist. She works with clients to resolve issues from both scientific and spiritual perspectives: she was born with her extrasensory abilities, and has extensively reinforced her gifts with a lifetime of study. She has a scientific background in Medical Biology and Master's of Public Health (MPH). She is a certified practitioner in many therapeutic modalities, and has a thorough understanding of quantum principles, metaphysics, bioenergetics, neuroscience, epigenetics, Tarot, Astrology, Botanica (plant-medicine), and all things esoteric-scientific. She walks the shamanic path, with one foot in each world - the physical, and the spiritual. She offers affordable spiritual services for those seeking guidance and support on their spiritual awakening journey via, a division of Art of Goddess:


  • Tarot Readings & Energy Therapy

  • Divine Feminine Mentorship

  • Ancestral/Intergenerational/Karmic Healing

crystal healing resin geodes


A crystal (crystalline solid) is a solid material whose constituents (such as atoms, molecules, or ions) are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a lattice that extends in all directions. Crystals have been known for their multidimensional healing properties since the times of Atlantis and ancient Egypt.


There is an intimate relationship between the artist and art that gives it life. The creative process involves a transfer of consciousness from the artist to the piece of artwork, which resonates with the observer's soul. Anya's art is LIVING ART - the crystals vibrate at certain frequencies to inspire, uplift, motivate, heal, and comfort the soul. Anya combines her energy healing work with her love of organic crystals: her creative process involves layering the crystals, resin, and healing frequencies to create holographically-encrypted, multidimensional, Reiki energy charged resin geodes.

  • uniquely customized to the client's soul, specifications, and energetic needs

  • frequency-resonant - carries energetic charge+ that can be felt/perceived multidimensionally

  • uses natural birch wood panels & natural crystals

  • hand-made with love

Artist Residency: Anya is a former artist-in-residence at Palette 22, the art gallery-restaurant in Shirlington, VA, and Vola's Dockside Lounge (by the Torpedo Factory Art Gallery) in Alexandria, VA.

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